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What Are The Requirements To Open A Pension Account With Oak Pensions?

Opening a pension account with Oak Pensions has been made easy due to our updated digital platform. A pension account, also known as a Retirement Savings Account (RSA), is a portable retirement plan account opened by an employee and maintained by a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) to save towards the employee’s retirement.

What Are The Requirements To Open A Pension Account With Oak Pensions?
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The basic requirements needed to open an Oak pensions account are the RSA form, a passport photograph, and your National Identification Number (NIN).

Here are quick steps to opening your account;

  • Visit the Oak Pensions website at

  • From the home page, navigate to the “DOWNLOADS” menu bar, scroll down the submenu, and click on the “RSA FORMS”.

  • Download and print the RSA form

  • Fill the form accurately with your name, signature, and other necessary information

  • Ensure you fill the form in capital letters

  • Attach your passport photograph to the RSA form

  • Attach and upload your RSA form along with your National Identification Number (NIN) slip and email it to

  • Your RSA pin will be generated and sent to your email latest 24 hours after sending the email

  • You will receive an SMS to confirm the activation of your pension account

Alternatively, to open an RSA, you can visit any Oak pensions’ office nearest to you to pick up an RSA form or download it online. Please fill the form, and return it to the Oak Pensions’ office. If you are unable to pick up the form at any of our locations, kindly call any of our customer care numbers to request a visit by an agent for registration.

If you need any other assistant, kindly call our Marketing Manager on 09087448661



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