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Top 7 Pension Companies in Nigeria for a Fulfilling Retirement

Pension Fund Administrators (PFAs) act as the bridge between you and a fulfilling retirement with an assurance of financial stability. You should take them as seriously as you would other core areas of your life. This means understanding and choosing the very best PFA with the utmost intentionality and care.

In our previous article titled How to Choose a Pension Fund Administrator, we mentioned key details to help you make this critical decision. In this article, we have highlighted seven pension companies in Nigeria renowned for their exceptional performance in the industry. But before we proceed, let’s understand why you need a reliable pension fund administrator. 


Why a Reliable Pension Fund Administrator is Important

According to Pencom, there are 19 registered and licensed pension fund administrators in Nigeria. A reliable (PFA) is a trusted company with evidence and a track record for providing excellent pensions-related services to pensioners. They manage your pension contributions, invest them wisely, and ensure you receive your benefits upon retirement. Beyond the core pension services, the best pension fund administrator in Nigeria must provide:

  • Transparent operations and accountability as they walk you through important processes in the retirement process.

  • Competitive returns on investment.

  • Robust customer service to keep you informed and assist in fixing issues promptly. You do not have to grow through rigorous processes to reach your PFA, especially when you need access to funds. 

  • Pension advisory and retirement planning services to create a soft landing as you approach this phase of your life

Top 7 Pension Companies in Nigeria 

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Top 7 Pension Companies in Nigeria for a Fulfilling Retirement. Credit: Oak Pensions

Oak Pensions Limited 

When it comes to reliability, customer-centricity, and commendable returns on investment, Oak Pensions tops the chart as the best performing pension fund administrator in Nigeria. The brand was established in 2016 and is licensed by the National Pension Commission to operate in Nigeria. 

Oak Pension’s services cater to the needs of both private and government employees, accommodating Retirement Savings Accounts (RSA), Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs), benefit administrations, defined benefit scheme management, and micro pensions.

This PFA invests pension funds in a diversified portfolio to achieve optimal returns while minimizing risks. Beyond pension management, Oak Pensions offers retirement planning and advisory services, helping you prepare for retirement. 

Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers Limited

Next on our list of the best pension companies in Nigeria is Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers Limited. This PFA is renowned for its robust financial backing, being a subsidiary of Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC. They provide comprehensive pension management services and are known for their transparent operations and competitive returns on investment. Stanbic IBTC Pension Managers Limited also holds a reputation for having a broad customer base with over 2 million registered clients. 

Veritas Glanvills Pensions Limited (VGP Limited)

VGP Limited was formerly known as FUG Pensions and is owned by Veritas Kapital Assurance Plc. The brand offers a range of pension products and services designed to meet the diverse needs of its clients. VGP Pension Limited is also reputable for its dedication to client satisfaction, as its offerings range from RSAs to voluntary contributions.

Leadway Pensure, PFA Limited

Leadway Pensure is one of the most capitalized PFAs in Nigeria and a subsidiary of Leadway Assurance Company, a leading insurance underwriter in Nigeria. The brand is known for its 360° digital presence and robust customer service. Leadway Pensure offers RSA, additional voluntary contributions, cross-border services, managed funds, the National Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF), and SMS services.

AIICO Pension Managers Limited

This PFA makes it to our list of the best pension companies in Nigeria because of its reliability and extensive pension management services. AIICO Pension Managers Limited is a subsidiary of AIICO Insurance Plc, a top insurance company in Nigeria.

They offer services such as retirement savings accounts (RSAs), additional voluntary contributions, and retirement planning and advisory services. AIICO Pension Managers are committed to delivering excellent returns on investment and ensuring the financial security of their clients. 

Pensions Alliance Limited (PAL)

PAL is one of the pension companies in Nigeria that not only offers pension savings services but also helps in retirement planning. Their services include AVCs, micro-pension planning, and RSAs. Since its inception in 2005, PAL has partnered with top players in diverse industries such as MTN, Microsoft, Access Bank, and Shoprite.

Access Pensions Limited

Backed by Access Bank, one of Nigeria's largest financial institutions, Access Pensions offers reliable pension fund management focusing on tailored solutions and efficient service delivery. They cater to a variety of pension products and services, including micro-pensions and voluntary contributions.

Final Thoughts

Although there are only a few licensed ones, you must understand that the best pension company in Nigeria will prioritize delivering excellent retirement services. Do not forget that the ideal PFA for you also depends on your personal needs and retirement priorities. 

Oak Pensions qualifies as the best performing pension fund administrator in Nigeria dedicated to providing outstanding retirement services. They offer reliable returns on investment, excellent customer support, and ensure that you retire with peace of mind. Visit the Oak Pension website at or contact the team at 09087448661 to get started. 

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