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The Honeymoon Phase of Retirement: What No One Else Will Tell You

You’ve made the decision to retire at 60. You’ve been consistent with hard work because you must meet this goal. You will not be celebrating your 61st birthday behind a desk and that is final. All well and good but have you stopped to think about what you will be doing when you eventually retire? Sitting in your front yard every morning as you watch young people hastily make their way to their various places of employment?

There are different stages of retirement. And they all matter. One stage that seems to be overlooked, however, is the honeymoon stage. This is because of its predictability. You almost know that you will feel relieved from the first day after your official retirement until after a couple of months (or in some cases, weeks) when you might feel like you miss the good old days of active work.

What is the Honeymoon Phase of Retirement?

In the honeymoon phase, you are excited about your freedom from the days of labour and hard work. You start to do everything you’ve written in your diary or bucket list: travel to Rwanda, visit your cousin in Abeokuta, attend pilgrimage etc.

Your happiness during this period feels like it’s never going to end. You are as excited as you were during the moments you had to take vacations from school and breaks from work — the only difference here is that this feels permanent. And it is. This is why we are here to tell you what no one else will likely share with you about the honeymoon phase of retirement. Here they are.

You will feel non-stop relief

What did you think? That you will experience bouts of happiness and freedom punctured frequently by moments of dissatisfaction and unhappiness? This does not happen during this stage at all. On the contrary, you will feel like a child who has just been handed a big bowl of ice cream to finish all by himself — and it’s in your favourite flavour! It’s called the honeymoon phase; you will definitely experience the honey and feel like there’s never going to be an end to it.

You will create special memories

Some people say they fall intensely in love during this period either with new or old partners and it’s the most passionate feeling they’ve ever experienced. “I met my wife at 35 but it was not until I retired at 65 that I began to realise how much time I lost without appreciating my luck to have her as my partner,” says Mr Tomori, a retired lawyer.

Your loved ones will get more of you

During this honeymoon phase, you spend more time with the people whom you care about and it’s almost as though you can’t get enough of their companionship. You are present as a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, a friend to laugh with for them and you almost immediately find yourself wondering how you’ve managed to survive all the years without the deeper levels of bond that you now have with them.

It will not last forever

No one likes endings; but just as the honeymoon that comes after newlyweds say their vows to each other eventually sees an end, so does the honeymoon phase of retirement also ends after a while.

Accepting this fact will help you manage your expectations and transition into the other stages of retirement with a positive attitude.

At Oak Pensions Limited, we understand that you deserve to experience a blissful retirement and enjoy your honeymoon phase to the fullest. This is why you can feel confident that our retirement benefits packages were made to suit you to the fullest extent.

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