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Retiring Soon? Try Travel Blogging

Retirement can be a fun stage of your life. And the great thing about it is that it starts when you want it to. Is your retirement near? Then you are on your way to unlocking a new experience that can be as colourful as you want it to be.

While it is great to have a bucket list full of activities that you want to explore during retirement, it’s not harmful to try a new adventure. As a retiree, you have more than enough time to traverse the different opportunities available for your relaxation and fulfilment.

Retiring Soon? Try Travel Blogging. Credit: Oak Pensions
Retiring Soon? Try Travel Blogging

One of these opportunities is travel blogging. And if you have never considered it before, now is the time to.

What is Travel Blogging?

Travel blogging is an activity that entails collecting material from different places around the world and documenting the various travel experiences through web pages on a personal blog or feature stories in the travel category of a popular online publication.

Why Travel Blogging in Retirement?

Now that you know what travel blogging is about, you might be wondering how it is beneficial to you – apart from the delight of sightseeing alluring locations across cities worldwide – in retirement. Therefore, here are five reasons you should absolutely consider travel blogging as a retiree:

1. A good source of passive income

Money may no longer be your priority in retirement. But a passive income – in addition to your pension – will enable you to live out your bucket list to the fullest. And blogging is a goldmine you can tap into.

Although you’ll need to create time to reap the most benefits from blogging, this is a venture that can be highly profitable for you in retirement.

Usually, once you’ve gone through putting together a well-optimized blog that can be easily accessible through paid and organic search advertising, you’ve stepped into the terrains of enjoying passive income – even at your convenience (which is the whole point of retirement).

2. More travel opportunities

When you become recognised as a travel blogger, you have a legion of fans who enjoy reading your travel experiences and reviews of popular tourist sites.

This opens a new door to more travel opportunities for you. Tourism and travel agencies will seek you out. They will offer to foot nearly all of your travel bills so that you can review their locations on your blog. What’s not to love about this?

3. You’ll have an ever-ready audience

Have you ever been concerned about if you’ll have an enthusiastic audience to feed with information about your travel experiences and reviews? Well, your concern is valid but unfounded.

According to recent global statistics, 77% of internet users read blogs. Do you think that’s a good insight? Well, you’re in for another surprise. It has been revealed that over 80% of travel planning is done through the internet and this is growing.

What this means is that people who travel regularly for vacation or work actually make their decisions based on the reviews of travel bloggers. That’s good news for you.

4. You’ll have memories

Another fun perk of travel blogging in retirement is that you are collecting memories. Some ten years down the road, you will realise that your blog is a hub of the notable memories you have been collecting during your travels.

These memories are integral to the colourful retirement you intend to have.

5. You’ll inspire others

Documenting your experiences in different parts of the world will entice people seeking an escape from the drudgery of their monotonous lives to your blog. This way, you are inspiring others to take more chances at adventure.

Getting a good retirement plan for yourself can help you live out your dream of travel blogging if your retirement is not near. Open a Retirement Savings Account today and have at least 10% of your monthly income go into preparing you for the life you deserve. You can also choose to transfer your pension fund contributions to Oak Pensions. Contact us via, or call the Marketing Manager on 09087448661.

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