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Everyone Will Go Through These 5 Stages of Retirement

Don’t beat yourself up. It’s expected that as you approach retirement, you will be a bit edgy. You’ve worked hard all these years. And you are close to entering a different phase of your life: this phase, more importantly, encompasses your triumph and relaxation – being a little anxious is certainly not unusual.

However, retirement does not just dawn on you; it’s a process that involves several stages. These stages may be initially challenging but will be ultimately gladdening. And many times, it’s hard to tell the different stages of retirement.

To help you know which stage of retirement you are in right now, here are the five stages of retirement that everyone will go through.

Stage One: Pre-Retirement

This is the stage where you are aware that your retirement will happen in a few years. During this stage, you visualize and take conscious steps in favour of your retirement.

Here, it’s not uncommon to see people leave their careers unattended because they are fixated on financial planning for retirement. Usually, they forget that they are supposed to give their lives meaning with exciting and enjoyable activities during this stage.

Yes, your finances are important but your happiness and fulfilment also matter, especially as you pass into retirement. Therefore, as you plan for your financial security in retirement during this stage, you should also consider your emotional well-being – whether or not you are anxious or excited about retiring in a few years.

Stage Two: Full Retirement

Did you know that there is a honeymoon phase of retirement? Yes, it exists. This occurs during the first few (say, one to two) years of your full retirement. Throughout this honeymoon phase, you are bound to be excited about your freedom from the pressures and obligations of your active work years.

Also, during this phase, you are preoccupied with catching up with friends and family, travelling, and your pastimes. But this is not always the case for everyone. Some people don’t switch to the honeymoon phase immediately; instead, they continue to embrace the routine of plans and actions that they are used to.

Stage Three: Disenchantment

It’s not abnormal to see people get to this stage after the honeymoon phase. A certain gloom appears and nothing seems exciting anymore. It is during this stage that a lot of people fall into depression.

Everyone Will Go Through These 5 Stages of Retirement. Credit: Oak Pensions.

This is not because retirement can be depressing by itself. But after emotions have been invested in anticipation of a fun-filled retirement, it can feel gloomy after the fun has been worn out.

Stage Four: Reorientation

This is usually regarded as the toughest stage. Reorientation typically happens when people rush through their retirement bucket list, become puzzled by their feelings and begin to reflect on their retirement experience.

During this stage, people are likely to form a fresh essence – even though this process takes a while and calculated steps to achieve. However, after you've created a new identity, it’s time to put your working days behind you and concentrate on relishing retirement the way it was supposed to be enjoyed.

During this stage, it’s important that you find something that gives you immense joy and fulfilment so that you don’t slip into depression. You could decide to follow a passion you never had time for during your active work years or try volunteering – anything to make your retirement enjoyable.

Stage Five: Reconciliation & Stability

This is the final stage. And during this stage, most retirees are comfortable and optimistic about their shift. This stage can start up to 15 years after the official start of retirement. At this point, most people will feel less unhappiness and tension.

Usually, they have settled into a fulfilling and enjoyable retirement lifestyle, engaging in activities that make them happy. They place a premium on simplifying their lives and leading stress-free lives.

Health conditions become more common during this stage. To preserve health and independence, most retirees migrate to retirement communities where they can age in a place with access to healthcare, amenities, activities, and friends nearby.

It’s also important to add here that each stage of retirement will not be as intense for the same amount of time as others. However, most retirees will experience this process in some form once they stop working.

Whichever stage of retirement you are in, you can choose Oak Pensions as your solid and trusted companion. Simply transfer your Retirement Savings Account (RSA) pension contributions to Oak Pensions and enjoy a blissful retirement. Contact Oak Pensions via or call the Marketing Manager on 09087448661.


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